A wonderland for you in your youth. Kito Afrika was created with an immense love and awe for Africa

Our Trips

Don’t worry about the money. Just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

" Booking with Kito Afrika we were ensured we would have a local guide with us the whole time. From picking us up at the airport to dropping us off, they ensured we were safe the entire trip." --Megan Laude.
'' This is the best trip I have been on so far. My dad saw pics I posted while still on the trip and could not believe that was an African Island, he texted me, I thought you were in Africa? '' --Natalie Hava
" Kito Afrika chose the most stunning hotel for us, In Cairo we had views of the pyramids while in Luxor stunning views of the River Nile. " --Lauren Kat
" Kito Afrika was so wonderful to work with. They handled all the details of the entire trip and were still flexible with changes." --Alissa Sanchez
Our group really appreciated having a guide with us through the entirety of the trip and always made us feel safe.' --Lawrence Woods
" On our trip we were able to go on many safaris, see all the big 5 animals, be immersed in culture and enjoy a tropical getaway. It was a trip we will never forget! " --Charlotte Damen
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